Monday, April 2, 2012

Fruit does not require cooking ... not in the kitchen much

I haven't been in the kitchen very much lately - those of you who have been reading my blog on any regular basis would know this.

I've been working late and I have not had much of an appetite - a combination which leads to me spending very little time cooking and in the kitchen and which also means The Boy has had to fend for himself in the dinner department. Good thing we have a good stock of canned tuna for sandwiches. :-)

For the most part, all I've been wanting for dinner is fruit and let's face it, fruit does not require much cooking.

When I'm not eating fruit for dinner and actually confronted with food, I've been eating very little of it. Not quite sure what is going on but the appetite for cooked food just isn't there. Even when I'm feeling very hungry, I end up not eating very much.

The Boy has taken to calling me "the one with the weird stomach" which is quite true.

My fruit of choice currently is longans because they are in season, though not for much longer, I don't think. I will probably get another week of it before the end of the season and I have to switch to another fruit. So far, I think I've consumed 4kgs of longans over a 3 week period.

Before the longans was rock melon. The Boy is a fan of the honey dew melon which is the green version of the melon. I like the rock melon which is the orange version of the melon. I like it better because it's a little sweeter. I think in some places the rock melon is also known as a cantaloupe.

I wonder what my next fruit of choice is going to be after I run out of longans?

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