Sunday, March 11, 2012

She is wrong, the food is fabulous

You guys know that I've been raving about Jay's food for a while now (which I talked about here and here) 'cos he catered my NYE party and he's also the head chef at HUX @ Norton's which I've eaten at numerous times.

I am not a fan of pub food because usually the food is cheap in price and the quality of the food is a reflection of the price.

Jay's HUX @ Norton is an exception. Jay, with this Masterchef background and love of food, uses fantastic quality ingredients for his dishes. After all, how many people would use John Dory for their fish and chips?

I have enjoyed every meal that I've eaten there and will continue to go back and for this reason, among others, I am very disappointed in the journalistic integrity of a food critic who reviewed Jay's restaurant.

Elizabeth Meryment, who writes for the Daily Telegraph reviewed Jay's restaurant but her review was colored by her own preconcieved prejudices of what she thought the "right" path towards being a chef and owning a restaurant should be. She (incorrectly) criticised Jay for his different approach to making his dream of being a chef and opening a restaurant come true. There is more than one route to Rome, Ms Meryment!

I think Ms Meryment is wrong and I think she needs to go back and sample the pub food that Jay has on his menu - his fabulous fish and chips, his Angus Porterhouse steak, his wagyu burger and his calamari rings.

Maybe Ms Meryment was having an off day. Maybe it was that time of the month for her and she was taking it out on Jay. Whatever it was, I urge you not to believe a word of her review but go to HUX @ Norton and try the food out for yourself and make up your own mind.

I'm certainly glad that my friend Blake is being objective (though incensed) about his response to Ms Meryment's review and is letting his own many positive experiences at the restaurant be his guide.

I know for a fact, that I certainly will be going back for many meals to come. You should too!

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  1. A fair response to the Meryment reviewer's review, but your "time of the month" comment is unnecessary and will alienate many female readers, which I'm not. It's just outright condescending.

    Meryment seemed quite pre-occupied with Jay's liking of sous vide and the comment on the appearance of the lamb was pretty cutting. It doesn't seem as though the rest of the menu got a fair coverage.

    Good on you Hux, persevere with dignity and prove her review a total crock!

  2. Thanks for the comment Wabster, however, being female myself, I understand what hormones can do to the female psyche. I am sorry if it does offend any females readers, but I'm not afraid to admit that there are certain times of the month when I'm not at my best but I do my best to be objective at all times.

  3. Sorry, but you can't say that she's wrong. It is her opinion, and that is neither right nor wrong. It is simply her opinion.

    1. Somehow it does not surprise me to see you say that. Therefore, in response, I say - it's my opinion that she's wrong. :-)

    2. LOL. Am I that predictable? ;)

    3. Yeah, actually, you are ... now that I've gotten to know you better. :-) I love you anyway.

  4. Somehow it does not surprise me to see you say that. Therefore, in response, I say - it's my opinion that she's wrong. :-)