Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Update on what I've read so far - 45 and counting

It is now the 1st of March and up to now I've read 45 books. That would make an average of 22.5 books read per month, which all things considered is not bad.

At this rate, I might surpass my 100 books to be read this year by about the middle of the year. Won't that be great? I could, of course, increase my challenge number but I think 100 is very respectable. If I can do 100 books each year, I'm happy. Any more would be a bonus.

I've had a few weeks where very little reading got done - I was sick, I was not in the mood, I was bored of reading - yeah, there is such a thing. I actually got bored of reading and decided that for a change, I'd watch some TV. Doesn't happen very often, but occasionally it does happen.

In keeping with my love of pretty pictures, here's a few snapshots of what I've read so far:

Aren't all these book covers just lovely?

I'll post another one of what's in my "currently reading" list shortly.

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