Monday, August 29, 2011

Prawn cocktails

Here's something that's totally 70s and yet very tasty. It's a great way to do a yummy and yet simple starter for a dinner party and it can be presented in a variety of ways to make it very fun and colorful (it's all those lovely, orange, cooked prawns!) Who knows, it might even come back into fashion one day. :-)

To begin, all you need in a bunch of cooked prawns from your local fish market or fresh fish store. How much you get depends entirely on how many people you are going to feed. I'd say about 4 - 6 prawns per person is plenty, because along with the homemade cocktail sauce, it is pretty rich.

You will also need 1 head of cos lettuce or romaine lettuce.

To make the cocktail sauce, you will need to make your basic mayonnaise, which you can find the RECIPE for here. After that you will need:

Ingredients for cocktail sauce:
  • 1/ teaspoon paprika
  • 3 squirts of tomato ketchup
  • A splash of Worcestershire sauce

  • Make basic mayonnaise
  • Add to basic mayonnaise the cocktail sauce ingredients and mix well
  • Adjust quantities of cocktail sauce to taste

Once the cocktail sauce is made, finely slice the lettuce till you have about a third cup amount serving per person for however many people you are serving. Mix some of the cocktail sauce through the sliced lettuce and set it aside.

Shell the prawns any way you like (without any shell, with tail, with head and tail, whatever takes your fancy, though I personally prefer to leave only the tail - something for you to hold onto when you're picking up the prawn with your fingers, if you are that way inclined!) and arrange the prawns, cocktail sauce and lettuce salad on a plate, bowl or martini glass. If there is room, you can also include some whole lettuce leaves as part of your arrangement. You can make the arrangement as fancy or as simple as you like.

Once your arrangement is done, serve and enjoy.

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  1. Oh trust me, you want to eat them. They taste pretty good. :-)