Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hello and welcome to my new obsession

I've recently decided that I wanted to learn how to cook. I'm not entirely certain what my reasons are, but a few of them include wanting to become more confident in the kitchen and wanting to build some foundational skills.

I let my fingers do the walking and found a 6 week course by a company called "Cooking for Blokes". I rang and asked if they taught women too and was told with a resounding "Yes!" that they do. After finding out that information, I let it sit for several months as I ... basically sat around and did nothing about it, really.

Well, the good news is - I finally got round to signing up for the course, and BOY! am I glad that I did.


I learned many, many, many of the basic skills that a budding cook would find essential and more than that - I have loads and loads of fun, plus I've discovered something ... I love to cook. Really, truly, love to cook.

I'll talk a bit more about Cooking for Blokes in a later post, but right now, I just wanted to say "Hello!" and introduce myself.

I'm going to blog about what I cook and what I'm discovering in this wonderful world of cooking.

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  1. How very cool! Hope you have lots of fun and learn everything you'd ever wanted to!

    Now that I'm finally discovering counterspace in my kitchen, I'm thinking about taking a course. The only one in the area I can find is a very expensive, very targeted (eg, cook a gourmet vegetarian meal featuring broccoli raab and cactus flowers) course. Now that a culinary institute is opening nearby, I'm wondering if they'll be offering regular blokes or blokesses some courses. Probably not.

  2. Carol, I hope you do find a course that you will enjoy, have great fun and learn a lot. I can't even begin to articulate what this course has done for me in terms of confidence, desire and passion for cooking. It's definitely money well spent.