Friday, October 21, 2011

F-F-F-Friday - again!!! ... and I'm talking kitchen stuff

I find it rather difficult to believe that it is Friday again. The time has just flown. I have had not time! No time at all!!!!!!!

We're still setting up The House, so that's what you're going to be hearing about today.

The kitchen it almost done now. We've got all the dishes put away and there is still an entire cupboard available for storage space, of which I have no idea what I will do with. I don't have plans on getting more stuff for this kitchen aside from a few baking trays, pans and some roasting dishes. That won't take up an entire cupboard.

Today, we went out to Howards Storage World which is just a wonderful place of useful organi-zed-ness. Lots of wonderful organizational gadgets for the OCD neat freak in me.

We got some spice racks for The Kitchen in The Apartment. Hopefully they will fit. They are going onto the inside of the pantry door. I'm pretty excited about that since our first foray into spice racks for the pantry was a bust. There was concrete behind the plasterboard walls in the pantry and so we ended up not being able to put up the spice racks we got from Ikea.

But I digress ... I was talking about what we were doing to the kitchen in The House.

I've got some knife magnets going up under the cabinets to hold my knives since the knife blocks are two slots short. They aren't great knife blocks either, so I think they will end up in reserve for overflow knives. That said, the knifes in the kitchen need upgrading. They are rather awful. Note to self: bring up knife sharpener to The House.

There is also a kitchen paper towel holder which we've acquired. That's going onto a wall under the cupboards as well. It'll free up some real estate on the kitchen counter and look much tidier.

Above the sink, we've got a shelf and some spice racks going in. These were originally purchased from Ikea to go into the pantry in The Apartment which led to said bust above.

All very exciting!!! Now if only The House is tidy enough that the table in the kitchen can be cleared and moved back to it's original position. I did take a picture of the messy table using the camera from the iPad but the wretched iPad itself won't let me post it on the blog. Bah!

Of course, all this said, I'm going CRAZy from the stress, the mess and the bouncing back and forth between The House and The Apartment trying to get it all set up and sorted. I am estimating at least another 3 to 4 day weekend, if not 2 more weekends to have the place looking tidy and livable. Right now, there are boxes everywhere.

Once again, aside from breakfast, there has been no cooking. Sorry folks, I'll be back to recipes and food pretty soon, but I just need to get past this phase of our life first.

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