Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fresh fruit salad

After almost a month in the US, I've come home with a strong craving for fresh fruit and vegetables, which I got very little of while away.

I am used to snacking on fresh fruit and having lots and lots of vegetables with my meals, so eating in the US was a bit of a culture shock for me, since most of the meals were very meat and carb driven.

Take for instance the meal that I pictured in my last post - meat, a small side of some kind of over-boiled vegetable (this one corn kernels), mashed potatoes, a bread roll and gravy. It's a heavy meal and not nearly enough vegetables.

My meals at home tend to have at least half, if not more of the plate covered in vegetables, whether a lightly tossed salad or steamed vegetables.

As a result of my rather different eating habits while away, this morning my breakfast consisted of a lovely large bowl of fresh fruit, cut into bite size pieces for a fruit salad.

The fruit salad included a lovely rich honey yogurt, which I could not eat, being lactose intolerant - I gave it to The Boy. Instead, I decided to drizzle it lightly with some honey, which made it simply delicious!

A fruit salad is one of the easiest things to make in your kitchen. You need a sharp knife (yes, really ... sorry about stating the obvious! *grin*) and an assortment of fruit.

This morning, I had rock melon, honey dew melon, strawberry, orange, granny smith apple, kiwi fruit and watermelon.

Cut into bite size pieces, drizzle with honey, eat while still cold.

Sometimes, people will add some granola or muesli for crunch and yogurt, if you can have it, is a delicious accompaniment.

Do you eat your fruit and veggies? How many portions a day do you have? Any favorites that are a staple in your fridge? My fridge always, always have celery, carrot, broccoli and apples in it. Then I add seasonal fruit and veggies whenever I can for variety.

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