Saturday, May 5, 2012

Duck liver pâté ... and a quick update

We're up in The House and we've got internet!!!! Howz about that??? So exciting.

Since there's internet, I'm taking the opportunity to do a quick post.

In case you're wondering, there has not been much cooking ... okay *any* cooking at all in our household because of the move. Ever since the move, we've hardly been home to eat and I've been living on bananas and other assorted fruit for dinner.

For the first week, we were just madly trying to juggle work and unpacking and would drop into bed exhausted each night. For the second week, which is this week just past, we've had an assorted number of things going on in the evening which meant that we have not been home. The Boy's been interstate for work too so I've missed him for one night. 

But .... here we are, up at The House with MORE unpacking because we've moved a bunch of stuff from The *new* Apartment to The House since the new place is HALF the size of the previous place. *sigh* ... it's called "downsizing" and it ain't fun!

So ... we had lunch today at our favorite French restaurant today and as usual it was fantastic. It's called Bistro Molines and it's always, always a delightful and decadent experience that leaves us tired and satiated and in need of an afternoon nap. :-)

I had the duck liver pâté for a starter which Robert makes himself. It's very rich and very creamy. As you can see from the scrumptious picture, it comes with an assortment of bits and pieces which accompany it very well. It took me forever to eat it all because I'm slow and I have a tiny tummy. In fact, I found it quite filling, served with the housemade Melba toast slices topped with sea salt. Scrumdily-icious!

Of course, I don't have a recipe for you for this 'cos I've never made pâté before and I didn't ask them for the recipe. 

All I'm saying if, if you're ever in the vicinity, stop in for a meal. The food is worth making the trip for and Sally the owner is just delightful and will take fabulous care of you.

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