Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pasta food math ... just for fun

I'm starting off by saying that this post is complete whimsy.

Where I work, we don't have a kitchen, nor do we have a microwave or any way to prepare meals, so I pretty much need to buy my lunch unless I bring in something that does not require heating and doesn't go soggy like sandwiches made in the morning and eaten 4 or 5 hours later often do. I can, I suppose, bring in something cold and stick it in the fridge for a cold lunch, but that doesn't really appeal to me.

A few days ago, I was in the mood for some pasta and went over to the food court and sussed out the pasta offerings. They had a tortellini with creamy sauce, bacon, cheese and mushroom that looked pretty good so I went with that.

They had advertised a regular size and a large size. When I saw the regular size and how much food that was, I thought a small option would have been better because I didn't want to throw food away and waste it. That was a mistake as I saw the difference between the amount of food and cost of food between the regular and the small size.

I went back to the office and posted this on facebook.

To which my chef friend responded and provided his wisdom on the cost of pasta and how much better it is to cook your own and not eat it out. It just isn't worth it.

After that, my brilliant Boy chimed in and said there was a mathematical reasoning to the equation for calculating the cost of food and hence what they sell it at. This led to a lengthy discussion (and mathematical equations!) for the math behind pasta served at food courts.

I don't understand the half of it, but my more brilliant and mathematically minded friends all chimed in and had their 2 cents which resulted in the labour cost of food being approximately $111 an hour.

The moral of this story is - obviously, I'm in the wrong line of work and need to become a pasta cooker for a food court stall ... except that it's pure mathematics (according to one friend) and has no real world application, so the $111 per hour doesn't make sense which of course, dashed my hopes of a high paying, fun job, doing something that I quite enjoy, which is cooking.

Anyway, here's the rest of the conversation and the silly. :-)

Truly, the long and the short of it goes back to what Jay was saying, which is - pasta is cheap to cook. It's not worth paying the mark ups, so cook it at home to eat. If you fancy eating out, go for seafood or a nice juicy wagyu steak!

ps. I, of course, for the sake of this blog, had to go back and get some pasta just so I could include a photo of the pasta in question for this blog. :-) I don't I'll be having it again. It doesn't taste so good the second time round.

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