Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Pre-order Wine Sense - The Art and Appreciation of Wine

Many of you may have read about me talking about The Boy and how he often matches wines to all the food that I cook, something which he is very good at.

The Boy has a genuine love of wine and is one of those people who enjoys wine for the pleasure and complexity of the experience, rather than drinking for the sake of the alcohol. He never drinks to get drunk, but rather drinks because he enjoys the fruit, the process and more importantly, the wine itself.

I'm so proud of him right now. After a lot of work, his book "Wine Sense" is finally ready to be launched. He spent a lot of time working on it - researching and writing.

He has recently launched his pre-order campaign, which you can find here, and I strongly encourage you to go on over an pre-order the book. There are some great options for getting the book and my personal favorite is the $100 Patron Edition, which gives you:

Personally signed dedication by author of hardcover copy (plus Ebook) delivered to you upon book publication and prior to public launch plus Patron acknowledgment and thanks in all future editions of book and on SAZ in the Cellar and InkIT Publishing websites for one year.

I can't begin to tell you how excited I am for him and how proud I have of him, for reaching his milestone.

You can also read more about the model he is using to launch his pre-order campaign called "Crowdsourcing" in a recent blog post which he has written as well.

You can also read about what The Boy has to say about Wine Sense on his Saz in the Cellar blog post about it.

You can find The Boy in all those places below, do head on over and follow, like, connect with him, and all that good stuff. :-)

Twitter: @shipleyaust and @inkitpub

I hope you head on over and check him and his book out.

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