Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sydney - something new

I’ve decided to start something new.

Up until now all of my notes (blogs) have been on my Facebook page and it’s been private. Seen only by friends who are on Facebook.

I don’t have much vanity when it comes to my writing. Or maybe the fact that I’m writing and posting this does mean that I have some vanity. I’m grateful for those who read it. Okay with those who don’t.

I do it to remember some funny, interesting things that happen in my life.

I do it because it reminds me of the things that have passed – whether great or mundane.

I do it (hopefully) to entertain friends and family, and sometimes, share a little bit about my life with them.

There is no topic that I hold as sacred though I am careful what I say.

I do not want to write in such a way that I offend, nor do I want to be confrontational. I will, however, express my opinion, such that it is.

This is also a way for me to express myself and share my thoughts with friends and family who are not on Facebook. Who am I to insist that they be a part of the Facebook community only to be able to share in the strange and slightly bemusing things that go on in my life?

I will always preface blog topics with a location “Sydney”, “KL”, etc. After all, there has been some traveling involved.

If it doesn’t have a location, it’s something that does not warrant it, usually a funny or odd titbit I’ve found interesting (probably mostly to myself).

I don’t plan on re-creating and posting old notes that are already on Facebook here. It just takes too much effort and it stuffs up the flow of things … maybe … I’m still pondering this, but if I do, I’ll add a “posted originally on” date.

Anyway, here’s the URL for the blog.

I’m hoping to be able to include photos and such. Will need to experiment on those and forgive me for any mistakes in the initial days.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Ps. It’s 1:22AM, Sydney time. I’m wide awake – probably that diet coke I drank at dinner. Should remember that’s a bad idea, me being so sensitive to caffeine. Argh! Could be it’s the caffeine that’s the reason for this blog.

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