Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hot doggedy dog!!!

There hasn't been much going on in the cooking front since we've had a 3 day long weekend for the Queen's birthday but for us an added 1 day to make it a 4 day weekend as we took an extra day off work.

We're up in The House and enjoying some quiet and fresh country air. Absolutely delightful.

The Boy was very excited about being up and making hot dogs for dinner, so he decided to cook.

There's really nothing much to rave about here, we threw a bunch of sausages on the little electric barbie that we have since it's freezing cold and just much too cold to fire up the big barbie for 3 sausages and one onion.

He very expertly cooked up the 3 sausages (Coles brand - beef with herb and garlic, which incidentally are even better than the gourmet sausages we get from the butcher - go figure!) and one sliced onion. We got a little fancy with the onion and threw some maple syrup on it to caramelize it a bit. That maple syrup was a very good idea, boy were those onions good!!

On top of that, there was some corn on the cob which I did in the microwave. Yes, I know, it's cheating but it's fast and it works well. I learned it from The Mother In Law. Absolutely brilliant. 4 minutes per corn. We had 4 and I went for 12 minutes cos I thought 16 minutes would have overdone it. The corn turned out perfect and stayed hot / warm throughout the meal.

So, all in all a very simple meal but delicious and really, just what we needed and wanted for a chilly winter night.

Of course, the only down side to it was The Boy forgot to turn on the exhaust fan and we got a living room full of smoke and BBQ sausage smell. We fixed that in the morning with opening doors and windows and burning a few candles.

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  1. Some little touches like the maple syrup, toasting the buns with butter, and drinking a 1999 Lindeman's Stevens Vineyard Shiraz helped a lot. Plus the special dinner partner I had!