Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Morrison Digital Trumpet for sale on eBay

We are selling this Morrison Digital Trumpet because it is not being used. This trumpet is in PERFECT condition and has been hardly used at all.

This trumpet also includes all original components, plus it also comes with an extra power supply and 10 fuses, and MIDI cable included for connection to output sound system.

eBay listing for Morrison Digital Trumpet.

Here are the additional details about the trumpet:

Morrison Digital Trumpet website

Specifications as listed on the website:

Note Controls
3 x Valves with optical sensing
8 x Octave Keys (4 1/2 Octave Range)
2 x Octave Select Buttons (Up/Dn Octave to give full 10 octave range)
3 x Assignable Continuous Lever Controllers
2 x Assignable Switches
Breath Sensor: Assignable to up to 4 continuous controllers at once
Flash writable memory to store all settings and favourites
Key to transpose to any key
Physical Adjustments
LH handle adjustment for finger length and comfort
RH Lever Width adjustment for varying thumb size and desired sensitivity
Bell LED's: Green, Yellow and Red used for octave and volume indication
Blue LED's used for illumination
16 x 2 Blue Backlight LCD Screen for user interface
MIDI Transmit Channel
User assignable from 1-16
Power In, MIDI Out, MDT - MIDI/Power Box
Power Supply
6-9V DC Tip Positive Plugpack
520 g
MDT Dimensions (LxHxW)
506 x 180 x 45 mm
In Case Shipping Dimensions (LxHxW)
475 x 170 x 370 mm
Shipping Weight
AC Plugpack with country adapter, MIDI/Power Box, MDT cable, Aluminium Case, Allen Key

Here are photos of the trumpet:

Collection of item:

This item can be posted out to you via regular Australia Post which will be registered and insured (calculated based on your location) or you can also pick it up from us after you have paid for it.

There will be no returns accepted for this item.

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  1. Is the MDT still available?

  2. Do you know any person willing to sell. I am trying to find on i think few years