Thursday, January 19, 2012

Swarovski AT 80 HD Telescope for sale

This is a Swarovski AT 80 HD telescope for sale.

This telescope is in excellent condition and still has all it's original packaging. A similar telescope new, including the lenses and tripod is approximately $2,500 RRP. We are selling this telescope for $500.

Swarovski AT-80 HD High Definition Angled Spotting Scope is one of the best spotting scopes in the world.

Swarovski AT/ST 80 (HD) observation telescopes / spotting scope sets the highest standards among telescopes in this category. Even with the easy-to-handle fully rubberized armoring, the AT/ST 80 HD by Swarovski are by far the lightest of the larger observation telescopes. Thanks to a recalculated optical system, Swarovski AT-80 Spotting Scope with High Definition glass offer a precise observation of detail, optimum edge-to-edge images and almost 100 per cent color fidelity with an extremely wide field of view, thereby achieving a revolutionary image quality. Swarovski spotting scopes are simply the best in terms of incredible optics in any weather condition, in any environment. This spotting scope has an extremely high-quality optical system for totally natural color reproduction and precision observation of detail, even when light conditions are poor.

Swarovski Spotting Scope - Whether you are out in the fields, by the coast, up in the mountains, on the open plain or at the lakeside - anywhere where you want to observe the minutes details over great distances, you will need high magnification power of Swarovski Spotting Scope. Regardless of whether it's twilight, mist, rain or fog - to get bright, sharp-edged images with totally natural color reproduction, you need a high-performance Swarovski spotting scope - the best spotting scopes available ... Swarovski Spotting Scopes.

Swarovski HD (High Definition) instruments helps to eradicate the slightest chromatic zonal aberrations and contributes to a more faithful color image.

The specifications of the telescope can be found here: (enlarge photo to see)

Pictures of the telescope itself are below:

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  1. Hello, is this scope still for sale? If so who should I contact about it?

  2. Hi, sorry no it's no longer for sale. It was sold shortly after this post went up.

  3. Nice cool stuff. Are you still looking for this scope to purchase? You might take an interest to go for some online stores. The swarovski scope with good specification you can get with very discounted price.