Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Interruptus again ... Musing and rambling

I don't really have any specific topic for this (very) early F-F-F-Friday post but rather what you are going to get is a series of ramblings.

First off, I've been thinking and wondering if "Daz in the Kitchen" might be too limiting in the number of topics that I can discuss because it is focused mainly in the kitchen, but then I also have my F-F-F-Friday posts which allow me to post on just about any topic I want, so the reality is, I'm not really limiting myself.

I'm also wondering about the name of the blog and trying to think about whether or not this is the appropriate name. It's been 6 or so months since I've started blogging here and I guess I'm just taking stock. Part of it has to do with how the blog is progressing (I'm please that I've been relatively consistent aside from the travel hiatus) and part of it also has to do with my changing interests as my life changes as well. Food and cooking is still going to be a rather large focus, but I have other things that I'm interested in too, like reading, makeup and all sorts of other girly things.

I'm asking myself - do I change the name of the blog? or do I keep going as I have been? I've always thought that "start as you mean to continue" is a good approach to many things in life, but life happens, things change - attention, interests, people, etc. I've been wondering if "My World" might be a better catch all when it comes to a name. I'm not sure, but given that, I've gone ahead and reserved a blog name, just in case ... Thank goodness it's free and the name I wanted (which was my name) was available.

For the most part, I think I will need to give this a lot more thought.

The other thing also is that I'm not certain how often I'm going to have topics that are non-cooking related to keep posting for the F-F-F-Friday posts. (Which should answer my question about whether to keep this as a food and cooking blog or not, right?) I've also been considering skipping the odd F-F-F-Friday post only because I don't always have something non-cooking related to talk about. I could blather on about my life or the fact that I seem to have developed some kind of weird eating (I hesitate to say "disorder") habit or some other topic like reading or ... whatever! I probably should talk about my latest weirdness in my eating habits, that would make for an interesting post. I'm still struggling with that one, and it's something I need to figure out. Don't worry, there's no chance of me wasting away from not eating properly. I'm still eating, it's just been odd and irregular of late.

Anyhow, that's the rambling for the day. I hope you have a wonderful day and that your weekend is full of fun.

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