Sunday, November 4, 2012

Corn on the cob ... in the microwave

First of all, I want to apologize for the lack of attention that my blog has been getting lately.

We haven't been cooking all that much as for some reason or other, either both of us, or just The Boy has not been home for dinner and we've been busy over the weekends. Usually, there is at least one big cooking day, normally, a Sunday where I cook a new recipe or spend quite some time in the kitchen. This has not been happening much at all.

We're still cooking at home most nights and eating in when The Boy is not out for a work function, but the meals have been simple and more often than not, just fruit or vegetables.

I've been on a fruit and yogurt kick, so a lot of the time, I've been eating a small bowl of blueberries (they are in season right now!) with some strawberry yogurt (I've managed to find one type of yogurt that does not aggravate my lactose intolerance and I've been able to eat it with no problem).

Tonight, has not been much different. We had a big day yesterday and were out for both lunch (visiting with some friends we hadn't seen in 9 years) and dinner (visiting with some other friends we had not see in in 18 months). We were fed well, 3 courses of starter, main and dessert with both meals.

As a result, we decided on a simple dinner. We had bought some fresh corn from a farmer's stall while up in the country last weekend that needed to be eaten along with some lovely tomatoes.

Our mish-mash of dinner consisted of some corn on the cob, along with a tomato, basil and boccocini salad.

You can find my recipe for the boccocini salad here and it's very simple to make. Very refreshing and satisfying!

As for the corn on the cob, I used to cook my corn by boiling it.

The boiling method was quite simple, boil water, put in corn, continue to boil for 12 minutes, then remove corn, season and eat.

These days, I've been using the microwave. I learned this from my mother-in-law.

I put the corn in the microwave and the general rule of thumb is 4 minutes per corn cob. This has worked generally really well for me, but recently we got a new microwave and that sucker packs a punch, so now 4 corn cobs only take 8 minutes to cook. You just need to check the power levels on your microwave and adjust accordingly. If your corn kernels start to look prune-like and shriveled then you've cooked it too long.

The corn goes on a large dinner plate into the microwave. This is for 4 corn cobs - I cook it for 4 minutes on one side and then turn the corn and cook it for another 4 minutes.

Then I take the corn out, butter and salt it to taste and munch away.

Hopefully, I will get back to some more regular cooking and doing some new recipes soon so that this blog will get some much needed love again.

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