Thursday, February 3, 2011

Currently reading 45 books

Okay, I'm not really reading 45 books all at the same time. That would make it exceedingly difficult to keep track of.

I'm reading one book right now. Yes, that's right ... just ONE book. It's the last book in a 4 book series. The first 3 have been wonderful.

I've got 44 others queued to read.

I've signed up with Goodreads to keep track of my reading since the MS Word document I was using was getting unwieldy - about 45Mb in size. Yikes!

It's a rather nifty website that has an massive book database and you just enter your books into it and tag them as "read", "to read" or "currently reading". You can even create your own tags or "shelves" as they call them. I haven't bothered.

So ... about this reading 45 books.

I joined 3 groups on Goodreads and one of them  has a whole bunch of discussions and book reading challenges it posted.

I decided to do two of them.

One of them was "New To You". I'm not sure if it's authors or books that are new to me or just authors. I decided to interpret it as both authors and books, so I've got a bunch of new authors in the list and a couple of books from continuing series that I am wanting to read. That's 12 books there, to be completed over 6 months which would be 31 July 2011. Easy peasy.

The other is an "A to Z" challenge where I have to read books with authors with last names in all the letters of the alphabet. This one is a bit tricky because it's of the Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance sub-genre only and I don't have enough books in my list of books I already own to fill all the gaps. I've managed to fill all the alphabets but I have had to pull out of my library some historical fiction, historical and contemporary romance and even once thriller. Obviously, I've disqualified myself from the reading challenge in the strictest sense but I've written to the group leader and told her that. I'll do this one on my own. That's 26 books but I've added a few more because I added some series and I've put a few of the books of the series in, so that makes it 39 books, but some are repeated in the "New To You" challenge above. This one is supposed to be done in 3 months, which takes us to 30 April 2011. Not so easy peasy.

Throw in a few other odds and ends that I've got previously queued to read and that makes 45 in total, by 31 July 2011. Doable if I do not go back to work but I might go back to work. Not sure about that. I have a job interview tomorrow. We'll see how that goes ... but I digress.

Anyway, here's a visual view of the books I'm planning on reading, not in any particular order and just because I think book covers are awesome and they all look so pretty.

Oh yes, I'll be reading all of these on my Kindle *happy face* ... except for 2 of them. I don't have those in Kindle format so I have to read them on the nook *sad face*.

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