Monday, February 7, 2011

Nothing in January

I was looking back at my posts and realised that aside from one rather meager post to say "Happy New Year" I did next to nothing on the blogging front.

The sad fact is that I was pretty overwhelmed by the time January came around after an exceedingly busy December and early January.

We had a lot of cultural, musical and concert type events which we participated in last year and that culminated in several shows in December. The highlights included James Morrison and David Campbell performing at The Basement (not together) and a play with Cate Blanchett in it called "Uncle Vanya" though that was rather depressing what with it being Russian and all.

There were also a large number of social events, friends to catch up with, lunches and dinners.

Then there was Christmas which was just brilliant. This year we spent Christmas with the Kneebones who are great friends and a delightful family. We had to travel very far for Christmas ... all the way to St Ives! We arrived Christmas Eve, hung out and had dinner, went to bed and woke up to waffles (the boy cooked) and opening presents. We then had a progressive lunch with soup and salad served at 12pm, followed by lunch at 3pm and dessert a little after that. It was an amazing feast which Yanna prepared (I helped a little). We had planned to stay the night and depart Boxing Day but the boy came down with the flu and we left a day early. I was rather disappointed by that and was glad to have had such a wonderful Christmas celebration with great friends.

After Christmas, it was preparation for New Year's Eve. We were hosting a party at our apartment with people coming over to watch the fireworks and sleeping over. Yanna cooked again and there was so much cooking to be done that I went over to help cook the day before. We then had to drive out on the day to help collect all the food. That night we had about 20 people (adults and kids) and had a blast. The fireworks were great and as the night drew to a close we ended up with about 12 people strewn across our living room floor staying over for the night. Breakfast in the morning was more waffles by the boy. I had bought sausages and eggs to cook for breakfast but we never got to it.

January was a busy month and we tried to catch as much calm and down time as we could. It was difficult since we had the Medibank International Tennis Finals planned and also Steve was super busy at work. Note below picture of Steve with the Mambo Ball Goddesses which he delighted in having his picture taken with - his project is called Project M@MBO, so he was definitely wanting that picture. *grin*

We had planned at the end of January and early February to be in Malaysia for Chinese New Year but had to cancel as Steve was super busy at work and there were some critical things to be done that needed him around.

I think I just spent most of January trying to recover from December. It's now almost a quarter way into February and I've made a rather pathetic attempt at getting active again since I've been sick for the last part of January and most of what is February so far.

Here's hoping for improvement in the coming weeks.

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