Thursday, December 8, 2011

F-F-F-Friday - More girly stuff

I'm posting this early because I'm not going to be around tomorrow. 

Remember when I talked about my nails and that fabulous nail system that I found called Shellac? I want to be girly again and talk about my nails some more. I could also talk about makeup but that would be some seriously girly stuff and I don't know that I have that much girly in me to even have enough content for a blog post ... but I will work on it! *grin*

So, back to the nails ... I had tried the Shellac system out for the first time and the nails looked great. I then went back a second time to have them re-done after exactly 13 days (one day shy of the advertised 14 days that the nail polish would last). I could have held out a few days longer but the polish on one of the nails had lifted at the bottom. (See, I told you this would be very girly).

I chose to go for a nice clean, classic look - the French Manicure. It turned out beautifully and looked wonderful. Everything I wanted it to be ... except ... for someone who cooks, white tips are a disaster.

On the first night that I had them, I was wrestling with a blue swimmer crab. Crab-1, my nails-0. I chipped the tip of one of the nails. It was not pretty, at least to the OCD perfectionist in me. I went back in and had the nail touched up the next day, only to run the tip of another nail over the edge of a cast iron pot as I was cooking, leaving a dull brown smudge on top of the white tip. Pot-1, my nails-0.At that point, my nails were running on a losing streak.

After putting up with the smudge on my nail for a few days and getting increasingly annoyed with it (yes, I'm easily annoyed at times!) I decided that I just could not put up with the white tips any longer and booked myself in to get my nails re-done, even though they didn't need them, because for the most part, and that part is about 99.98%, they were perfect. I did it anyway. The girl at the manicurist's even commented on how soon I was back to get my nails re-done.

See my pretty nails?

This time, being older and wiser (by all of 4 days!), I picked a lovely nude color with a shimmer on top, which was very similar to the color that I had on previously, which had weathered all the cooking without a scratch or smudge. It's a very practical color and quite pretty, but very understated. The Boy doesn't like it very much 'cos he likes the clean lines of the French Manicure, otherwise, he prefers the brighter colors, like a lovely fire engine red or a bright coral. All that said, I'm sticking with practical.

The point of all this? When cooking a lot and using your hands in what you do, white tips are not practical. I like practical. I like things that work properly. I like not having smudges on my nails. That's the whole reason I'm getting my nails done in the first place.

Comment from The Boy, " I'm not fussed about you getting your nails done, but I have to say, your nails are looking fantastic since you've started getting them done though." *happy dance* The Boy actually NOTICED the nails. *smile*

Anyhow, thanks for bearing with me and all my girly-ness. And if you're wanting to get your nails done, do check out the Shellac system.

Do you like getting your nails done? Or even a manicure or a pedicure? Is it something you consider a necessity or a luxury? What's your favorite color to put onto your nails?

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