Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Interruptus ... more on the love affair ... can I call it an early F-F-F-Friday?

Once again, I'm interrupting my regularly scheduled program due to my own excitement over this ... You will recall from my previous F-F-F-Friday post when I talked about my love affair. Well now, The Boy has contributed to this love affair and taken it to a-whole-nother level by giving me the most wonderful Christmas gift. I'm telling you, it's crazy geeky.

Instead of explaining though, let me show you first ...

See what I mean? A thing of beauty, right? The coffee cup (from Nespresso) matches the capsule of the coffee that I drink all the time. If you turn the cup upside down, then the cup and the coffee capsule are the same shape!!!

And as you can see, they come in a whole range of colors for all the various flavored capsules that are available. I think the two above are the Finezzo Lungo (green) and the Vivalto Lungo (blue). Mine is the Decaffeinato Lungo, which is a muted peach pink color. But wait ... there's more ...

There is an entire range of cups for the Decaf range, from the regular Decaf (red - centre back) to the Decaf Lungo (muted peach - front left) and Decaf Intenso (burgundy - front right).

How's that for branding, marketing and just plain ol' catering to people's coffee drinking obsession? And for those of you who don't know, Nespresso is doing really, really well right now. They even have George Clooney as their spokesperson and there are some rather good ads out there featuring him.

Right now, I'm thinking that my coffee tastes even better in my matching cup, but let's face it ... that's likely just a figment of my imagination. That said, I'm enjoying the experience immensely.

So I ask you ... have I managed to convey the extent to which I love my coffee drinking experience and just how much I love my Christmas gift?

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