Thursday, November 17, 2011

F-F-F-Friday - Love affair

I'm cheating a little ... I'm reposting this note that I wrote about my love affair with coffee that I wrote a few months ago but never posted on a blog, only on my Facebook page. I re-read this and really had fun with it, so I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did. I'm also posting this a day early 'cos I won't be able to post it tomorrow as scheduled.

I’m having a love affair … shhhh …. don’t tell The Boy! Oh, hang on … he already knows!

I’ve recently, okay about a month ago, gave up soy milk at the urging of my Nazi of a naturopath. Actually, she told me to give it up (too much sugar) about 3 months, possibly 4 months ago, but at that time, I was already giving up too many things – sugar, carbs (including rice, pasta, noodles, muesli, cereal, oats, etc.), any product that contained lactose, milk chocolate, and the thought of soy milk as well when I so loved my morning decaf latte was just too much to deal with.

So, after ignoring her advice for several months, I’ve finally done it.

I’ve given up soy milk.

I’ve started drinking my coffee black instead.

So for the last month, I’ve been ordering decaf long blacks with one equal in them and quite enjoying them.

More recently, The Boy discovered that without having to use milk, our rather aged coffee machine can make a rather nice long black.

It’s an old, old Nespresso Krups machine and it makes a BEAUTIFUL long black.

I’ve discovered that Nespresso makes positively delicious Decaf Intenso and Lungo coffee, and thus began my love affair.

I’m completely addicted to the Nespresso Decaf range.

Of course, being decaf, I can indulge in my addiction. 1 cup of coffee has 65mg of caffeine. 1 cup of decaf has less than 1mg of caffeine. I would have to drink about 65 cups of decaf to get the caffeine kick, which suits me just fine.

The Nespresso Decaf Intenso is dark, rich and intense.

The Nespresso Decaf Lungo is smooth, luxurious and flavourful.

I can’t enough of them.

The machine makes a “long” which is about 110mls.

That, I have discovered, is rather a small cup.

The machine also makes the coffee in the perfect temperature and I can drink it right away.

It makes the coffee go down a little too quickly and I run out way too soon.

Hence the need to go back and make another one.

We ran out of capsules for the Nespresso machine, so we trooped over to the Nespresso shop this last weekend past to pick up more. While there we discovered these hand blown, double walled, clear glass coffee cups in various sizes for different drinks. Ah … the ultimate accessory to the ultimate drinking experience!

Now, not only do I get to drink the most wonderful coffee whenever I want (except when I’m not at home), I also get to drink it in the most exquisite coffee cup.

It is a pleasure not only to drink the coffee, it is a pleasure to drink out of this cup, and drinking coffee out of this cup is the ultimate combination.

If you think I’m waxing rather lyrical over this, take yourself over to your closest Nespresso store and ask them to make you a cup of “lungo” (any flavour) and serve it to you in the double walled, clear glass cup (not the one with the handle). You will understand my exuberance.

Or you could come round and I can make you a cup. But then you’ll have to listen to me extol the virtues of my coffee drinking experience.

I don’t miss the soy milk at all.

Well, after all that, I think I’ll go make myself another cup of Decaf Lungo.

5 cups of decaf a day isn’t so much, is it?

And after all that, the only thing I can say is ... RUN, don't walk to your nearest Nespresso store and get yourself some of that coffee. (This is not a paid promotion by Nespresso *grin*). I tell you, it's good stuff!!

And in case you're wondering, The Boy's drink of choice is a double macchiato.

What about you? How do you feel about your coffee? Do you drink decaf or do you like to get hit with the full caffed experience? How many cups a day keeps you going? How do you like to drink your coffee? Or as some would say ... what's your poison?

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