Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dyed blue and bleached

I do not know what in the world possessed me to do the laundry today, but I did.

The last time I did the laundry it was a disaster and was thereafter banned from doing the laundry.

The boy has been doing laundry ever since.

Today for some unknown reason I decided to do the laundry – more specifically washing a white slip of mine, the tablecloth we used for wine tasting last night and some tea towels.

Now, all would have went well if I had the presence of mind to separate the colors from the white, but I didn’t.

In fact, in one fell swoop of efficiency I tossed in the tea towels (of various shades of blue) in with the white slip and tablecloth.

The result?

A lovely pale blue slip and tablecloth.

And it wasn’t even a surprise – I found out WHILE IT WAS WASHING because I was so pleased with myself, I actually went into the laundry to check on it and lo and behold! There! Spinning round and round was my lovely white slip and tablecloth – now blue!

I freaked out … naturally!

Richard (Elissa’s husband) walks into the laundry to check it out and comments: “Wow! That’s really blue!”

Gee, thanks Rich! Like I didn’t know that already!

Anyway, Richard very calmly says to me: “Never mind. You can bleach it.”

So after the wash cycle, I dutifully hung up the now blue items and let them dry.

After they dried I poured half a bottle of bleach into a bucket along with some very hot water and let the two items soak for a couple of hours.

The result this time?


Blinding, brilliant white!

So white the eyes hurt!

So white they were even whiter than before they turned blue!



Deanna and the washing machine do not mix.

Deanna and the bottle of bleach work very well together.

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