Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sydney - abandoned frustration

I started a book that I had been looking forward to all month. It was due to be released on November 30th and I had even pre-ordered the book – something I do not do often.

Well, book downloaded onto my trusty Kindle, I sat down to begin the reading.

Here’s my “a review in tweets” … sort of …. More like frustration in tweets, really.

  • Not enjoying #reading the latest Kieran Kramer. Language and heroine much too modern 4 a Regency? Historical (anyway) romance. Disappointing 4:34 PM Dec 1st via Echofon

  • Cranky as all get out at the stupid, stupid premise of this book I'm #reading. Everything is just ridiculous beyond belief. 5:56 PM Dec 1st via Echofon

  • I guess one must forgive the fact that Lady Poppy is very young but she is BEYOND stupid. 7:10 PM Dec 1st via Echofon

  • There's nothing worse than #reading a frustrating book. I want to throw it but I don't want to damage my Kindle. 7:45 PM Dec 1st via Echofon (this tweet got a “re-tweet”)

  • Ugh! Talk about being yanked out of a story. When did people every kiss in public (in front of other people) in an 1800s setting? 7:47 PM Dec 1st via Echofon

I hate when I don’t finish a book. It’s so disappointing ‘cos I just like finishing books I start. Most of the time, I’m curious enough that I’d slog it out to the end but this time, I haven’t yet. Not sure if I’ll go back to it and slog my way through to the end and just forget the historical inconsistencies and the fact that I DO NOT like the heroine AT ALL.

Right now, this book is sitting in my “unread” section of the Kindle. I haven’t moved it to the “read books” section yet. I’ll just have to see what mood takes me. It’s just that I have SOOOO many other books that I haven’t read yet.

I have read the first book – When Harry Met Molly by the same author. This book I did finish, although much of it was a bit of a stretch to the imagination.

  • It was a fun light-hearted book.

  • Most of the situations that the heroine found herself in was pretty hard to believe. It was hard to read the book and not compare it to the movie and that threw me off somewhat.

  • Nonetheless, it was what Steve calls “brain candy” and fell smack-dab in the middle of that description.

  • At least, in this one, the heroine was likable.

  • At least, this book I finished.

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