Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sydney - much frustration, technology sucks

The frustration continues with the blog not posting to Facebook because of whatever glitches Facebook has decided to program into its blog import function.

Life is not good in blog-world.

Copying and pasting the post from the blog to Facebook continues to be troublesome.

HTML code from Microsoft Word is excessive. I do not know why Microsoft embeds so much junk into their basic documents. I might just start using the Notepad to avoid extraneous HTML code.

The HTML code does not seem to upset blogger too much to when copied into Facebook it leaves and entire trail of rubbish in its wake.

Not much I can do about it all right now.

Technology sucks at times, yet I can’t live without it - especially considering I just managed to chat with my dear, dear friend in Qatar for 45 minutes for FREE over Skype using my mobile phone. *happy face*

So for now:
Microsoft Word to Blogger – check!
Microsoft Word to Facebook – check!
Blogger to Facebook – BLEH!

This means though that posts to Facebook could be a few days behind, but let’s face it, nobody much cares!

Rant over. Ciao!

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