Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sydney - it's on eBay, for goodness sakes!!

We recently upgraded our operating systems on our computers to Windows 7. New operating system, new applications, upgraded the RAM and hard drive on Steve’s laptop. Brand spanking new machines – sort of!

With Window 7, the great thing is that the machines are now running much better.

It was due, the old operating system was Windows XP Pro and I had been wringing the very last bit of life out of it. It was ready to fall over and I decided it was safer for me to rebuild before the collapse happened and I lost all my data.

2 days of backing up data.

1 day to rebuild the machines – thank you little Chinese geek in Epping!

1 day to update all the additional software onto machines.

1 day to find out old printer does not work with new operating system (anyone heard this story before?) My trusty old HP laserjet printer will print and copy but will not scan or fax. HP very kindly updated the drivers to Window 7 only to leave a KNOWN problem with the scanner in existence. No solution has been found since the problem has been discovered since the release of Windows 7.


New printer!

Lovely, beautiful new printer.

1st I got an HP officejet. Got the box home, thanks to the very surly taxi driver (I did not tip him), Rhett who got the machine from Officeworks to the taxi and the taxi to inside the apartment building, David who got the printer to the apartment and onto the desk.

I installed printer number ONE and as it was calibrating, all the reasons why I hated inkjet printers came rushing back to me.

The printer did not last 2 hours.

Back it went into the box, then back downstairs, this time Joel got me a taxi. Kind taxi driver got it out of the taxi at Officeworks for me. I tipped him.

Returned the printer – thank you Officeworks for your “no questions asked” policy.

I ordered printer number TWO, which is a BEAUTIFUL, GORGEOUS,WONDERFUL HP Laserjet colour printer. Runs like a dream!!!

But what to do with existing printer that no longer works with Window 7?

Answer: eBay

Listed printer on eBay and idiot buyer (just one of them) decided to ask questions.

Question 1: what’s the page count?

I respond.

Question 2: is the scanner aligned?

I respond (but getting impatient) – this is eBay for goodness sakes. It’s an excellent printer, works perfectly (with anything other than Windows 7) and going CHEAP!

Question 3: how much toner is left in the cartridge?

I respond (am getting surly at this stage). Am thinking to self “how am I supposed to know? I’m also throwing in one full, brand new, unused toner cartridge – you greedy git!”

Question 4: will you package it up for shipping?

Pick up only – it says so on the listing.

Question 5: I’ll pay for you to find packaging and box to pack it up, I’ve found a cheap courier. I live in Melbourne.

What part of “pick up only” do you not understand?

Question 6: when you package it up, make sure you secure the scanner so that it is aligned. If you do that, I’ll bid.

At this point, I’m ready to tell the very annoying potential buyer to get stuffed. Instead I ignore him. It’s safer that way, otherwise I might let loose and tell him what I REALLY think about him and all his asinine questions.

Let me just point out a few things:

1. It’s eBay.

2. I’m selling it cheap. RRP on that printer (on eBay is $699)

3. What part of “pick up only do you not understand?”

4. Why would I go through so much trouble to find packaging, Styrofoam, a sturdy box for an odd shaped printer for you because you’re being a cheap assed punk and have decided to buy and used printer rather than pay for a new one?

5. And you have the cheek to ask me to guarantee all of the above so that you are then going to be willing to bid on an item which you might NOT win?

I’m ignoring the guy, really, I am. Right after I get this off my chest.

Steve and I had already decided that if we don’t sell the printer, we’ll just keep it for him to use in his office when we move back into our house so that  he has a printer of his own.

We’re really not all that bothered if it doesn’t sell and I really am not terribly inclined to go through all that trouble for the greedy git.

Oh, by the way, if you’re interested in a printer that works wonderfully on anything other than Windows 7, here’s the link to the listing on eBay - Hurry! Ends soon!


Update: it appears that annoying git is no longer watching the item as I have failed to respond to him this afternoon.

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