Saturday, February 18, 2012

Got some fabulous sauces today

We were out at the store today and was attracted to the smell of fabulous Thai Green Curry cooking. Following our noses, we came to a stand demo-ing these amazing homemade pastes. They are a gourmet, family run business that does Asian sauces for curries and such. The Thai Green Curry which we tried was incredibly authentic.

Now, I usually make my own curry pastes when I cook curries but I'm not averse to getting a little help every now and then. After all, shopping for all the ingredients for a curry can be a time consuming event. You also need a mighty good blender to blend up the paste. Fortunately, I have the trusty Thermomix for that.

Anyhow, I really enjoyed the taste of the few sauces they had and we picked up a few to try. For the two of us, each jar can be portioned into two servings and they keep forever in the fridge once opened.

If you want to check them out, they are available in the food section of David Jones. I promise you, they are fabulous.

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  1. Thanks Daz, I'm glad you enjoy these products. Half a jar of curry paste will make enough curry for four hungry people, which justifies the extra cost- and that's apart from the excellent flavour. good meeting you and reading your blog!

    1. Thanks. I love the sauces. I do have a questions about the Singapore Chili Crab sauce though. How much of it do I use per meal, if I'm cooking for 4 people? or 2 people?