Monday, February 27, 2012

Tempura udon

This looks like a nice dish, doesn't it? Well, it wasn't!

I did not know what to have for lunch today, feeling a bit sick still after a relapse last night of the cold. My nose is still all stuffy and runny.

I ran through in my mind what I wanted to eat and ruled out wonton soup, a sandwich, sushi and saw this Japanese place in the food court by my office. I decided to try the tempura udon which was a big mistake.

The noodles were over-done. The tempura was totally greasy and over-fried and there was too much of it (though I can't complain about that).

I don't think I'm going to eat there again, at least not for their tempura udon. I might try the vegetable or chicken udon again if the fancy takes me another time.

Meanwhile, next to the Japanese place was a Korean place and they had a selection of bimbibab dishes that looked quite nice. I might give that a try tomorrow.

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