Sunday, February 19, 2012

Very long walk and lunch at HUX @ Nortons

Today, we made the ambitious decision to walk to HUX @ Nortons, which is 6.3km (according to Google Maps) from our home. It took us 75 minutes to walk there at a pretty good clip. About 10 minutes away from our destination, I was starting to feel it in my legs (it was mainly uphill).

We were blessed with amazing weather for the walk - a rare full day of lovely summer sunshine.

Lunch was delicious as always since the fabulous Jay Huxley was cooking once again.

I had a fish and chips, without the chips, but opted for the potato salad instead. The Boy had the Wagyu steak, which he tells me was very good. The Boy's words were "Jay really knows how to do 'medium rare' well."

Jay also decided that we didn't have enough carbs with our meals so he brought out the most amazing tasting potato slices. These were thinly sliced potatoes, deep fried and then seasoned with salt and pepper and a little bit of rosemary.

I decided to top off my meal with dessert which was a very yummy double chocolate brownie with berry coulis and vanilla bean ice cream. I ate the brownie but gave The Boy the vanilla bean ice cream.

Have I mentioned that I highly recommend Jay's restaurant? Do go there if you get a chance.

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