Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wot a lot of garlic

Whenever I head out to lunch with my girlfriend, Wendy, I often stop at the grocery store, Asian or otherwise to pick up a few things for the kitchen. Today, after lunch, we stepped into a little Korean grocery store next to the sushi train place where we had lunch.

Saw these bags of pre-peeled garlic for $1.50 a packet and both Wendy and I picked some up. I'm not sure what Wendy is going to do with her garlic, but I decided that my garlic can go into a jar of olive oil to be preserved and used in the future.

Keeping the peeled garlic in olive oil is a wonderful way of storing garlic for future use. It keeps for ages but based on the amount of garlic we go through, this will not last all that long. It is very handy though because it saves on the peeling and the chopping and the mincing. While the chopping and mincing is all very good for practicing my knife skills, it's much more efficient to put the garlic in the stick blender for 3 seconds.

When I'm done with the garlic in the jar, I can use the olive oil. I'll end up with lovely garlic infused olive oil that I can use in salad dressings.


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