Sunday, February 26, 2012

Soft boiled eggs

Okay, so they don't looked soft boiled since they are just in the shell right now but that's what I made myself for breakfast today.

I was at a loss as to what to have for breakfast and there really isn't much food in the fridge. I haven't grocery shopped the entire last week, what with The Boy being away. I nibbled my way through dinner most of the week and ate lunch out at work.

So breakfast this morning was (not so) soft boiled eggs with a splash of soy sauce and ground black pepper.

This little dish brings back so many memories for me because it was what my grandmother made me each morning for breakfast when I was a child and she was getting me ready for school. I would get 2 soft boiled eggs with a slice of fresh bread to dunk into the gooey white and yellow mess each day. Ah ... such fond memories. :-)

My soft boiled eggs didn't turn out as soft as I would have liked because I think the machine is not calibrated quite right. I'm going to experiment the next time I make them again and use less water.

Overall though, very yummy!

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